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STOMP! Horse Bedding Amendment! was developed to control ammonia and maintain dry bedding.

STOMP!® Horse Bedding Amendment

STOMP!® was developed in response to inquiries by horse owners for a more effective product to control ammonia in confined horse enclosures, such as stalls and trailers. In meeting this need, our desire was to provide a product that would actually eliminate ammonia and would be safe and affordable to use.

Current products on the market basically use clays to absorb urine. The clay content of  STOMP!® also has a drying effect, but it is unique in that it contains an active ingredient that actually bind ammonia into a non-volatile form.    This ammonia binding ability is the reason for the positive testimonials from horse owners who have tried it. When STOMP!® is used as directed on a regular basis, ammonia can be reduced to an undetectable amount. When compared to other products on the market, a lesser amount of STOMP!®  can be used to produce a more effective control of ammonia. Preliminary studies show that when used as directed, reduced ammonia levels were maintained for at least a day.  A reduction in flies was also observed.

STOMP!®  can be used in horse stalls, transport trailers, or any confined enclosure where horses are kept. When used as directed, STOMP!®  is safe for the horse and for the user.


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